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Hi, I'm Bart.

I'm a freelance writer based in Austin, TX that focuses on technical writing and editing, volunteering/community outreach, and travel.

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I've been a writer, editor, and content developer for several years now, and my biggest peeve is when writers only interact with their stakeholders through limited transactions: Engineer gives a design specification; writer simply reformats and standardizes it for external use. Stakeholder gives a topic; writer creates content without analyzing the potential audience. And so on. When it comes to creating content for you, I believe in building relationships with your subject matter experts. I believe in asking the right questions and researching potential customers to deliver the most useful and most accurate content to your audience.

You need content that reflects you or your company's core beliefs. Let me help you! 

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... and a variety of job titles

I firmly believe that having an assortment of experiences, both professionally and personally, make for a truly well-rounded writer. Said well-roundedness is key to producing relatable content for your diverse audience. You need engaging content that captures your readers and keeps them coming back for more.

I've had the good fortune of having traveled the world to work with people from numerous cultures and professions. Officially, I've held (and continue to hold some of) the following positions:

  • Technical Writer/Information Developer - Create highly specialized technical documentation and provide several effective writing workshops to engineering teams in the US, Europe, India, and China.

  • Design Engineer, Test Engineer, Application Engineer - For multiple high-tech companies in Austin.

  • Technical Operations Officer - Prepare and deliver clear, concise, and timely intelligence communications packages to high-ranking officials including the Director of National Intelligence.

  • Volunteer Coordinator - Manage community outreach, charitable giving, and STEM outreach activities for the entire Austin office. 

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